Warcraft 2 Soundtrack (Human 1)

Warcraft II Soundtrack (Human 1). This IS NOT video, this IS Only Audio from War II. Enjoy! 🙂


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32 Comments on “Warcraft 2 Soundtrack (Human 1)

  1. Just imagine if Blizzard had gotten the rights from Games Workshop to make a Warhammer Fantasy RTS like they originally intended to do.

  2. "It is a good day to die" anyone remember that trick? so many memories with wc2. my first RTS game ever. I just wish bliz can remake it with starcraft 2 engien, if not, wc3 engine is ok too.

  3. "My lord?" "Stop rocking the boat! Youre making me seasick" "Dont you have a kingdom to run?…"Ah the golden Days of old Classic Warcraft….

  4. Pet Battle theme in WoW and it plays as background music sometimes in Heroes of the Storm.

    I love how Blizz calls back to their classics like this 🙂

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