The Stonecore

The Stonecore

Undertaking 365 // Day 308
Today was the start of a good, extensive 4-working day Labor Day weekend. I was sick yesterday, and I didn’t truly feel so terrific these days, so it was a little bit of a struggle to occur up with a good 365 entry (devoid of relying on a toy shot), and I just wasn’t coming up with any suggestions. Looking all over the residence for inspiration, I noticed a peculiar very little product that belonged to my spouse. I would not expose what it is, but just after finding out it for quite some time, hoping diverse angles, I at some point landed on this unique composition. This is so abstract, that I am quite positive no 1 will guess what it is, and to be genuine, I wouldn’t even know in which to get started describing it. I will say that this is 100% a photograph, fairly a lot SOOC, apart from the standard white stability/saturation changes.

The title comes from a dungeon in Entire world of Warcraft’s” Cataclysm” expansion, the picture reminded me of the rocky, stone and crystal-like come to feel of the dungeon.

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Posted by Fearless.Photog on 2013-01-05 22:40:52

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