Feelin the Same Way All Over Again…

I kind of took this on accident, but I like it! A couple random facts: 1. Whenever I can’t think of a title for a photo I open my iTunes and pick a song for title inspiration. 2…. Read More


Géo Verbanck (1881-1961), Brunhilde, bronze and Carrara marble (.46 x .29 x .40m — or 18” x 11&frac12″ x 15&frac34″ for the Olde English…), Fin-de-siècle Museum, Brussels, Belgium. Posted by Viejito on 2014-09-25 13:24:56 Tagged: , Verbanck ,… Read More

Warcraft Motion picture

✅ Make sure you depart a comment and include my photo to your favourites ⭐ Thanks and greetings from Cologne, Germany 🇩🇪 Posted by wuestenigel on 2015-08-05 19:11:21 Tagged: , Gamescom , Cologne , E3 , Köln ,… Read More

141/365 Go Horde or Go Dwelling!

Okay, so I’m a Warcraft nerd, lol. They have thses banner’s outside the house of some of the Horde encampments and I just had to emulate the ‘mask’ that is on some of them. I engage in in… Read More