The “King of the Hooks” Murloc (WIP) A still in progress Murloc model. Still nee…

The “King of the Hooks” Murloc (WIP) A still in progress Murloc model. Still needs a lot of work! 👌🏻 #zbrush #pixalogic #3d #3dmodel #3dmodeling #concept #conceptart #design #art #character #characterdesign #games #videogames #film #movie #movies #artist #zbrushsculpt… Read More

Warcraft Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

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Stealth Assassin

Challenge 365 // Day 197 Skeeve Sorrowblade is an Undead Rogue, fiercely wielding dual poisoned daggers. Rogues are quite possibly 1 of the most controversial classes in Warcraft, because of to their stealth skill (and so a perfect… Read More

Warcraft Heroes #toy #pastime #warcraft #actionfigures…

Warcraft Heroes #toy #pastime #warcraft #actionfigures Supply

For Gnomeregan!

“Gnomeregan was the cash city/kingdom of the gnome race till a trogg invasion led to its tragic downfall. In a determined try, their ruler, by the guidance of advisor Mekgineer Thermaplugg, detonated a radiation bomb in its halls… Read More

Chen Stormstout, Pandaren Brewmaster

I might not be the world’s greatest WoW lover, but I Can admire what is actually very good! Pandaren Brewmasters were originally an April Fool’s Joke. Now they are Everywhere you go. And oddly, these guys predated kung… Read More

Barber Surgeon

Medical doctors have been a minor a lot less advanced back in the outdated days. But this is a modern orc health practitioner. BEWARE! Posted by ridureyu1 on 2012-10-thirteen 02:47:57 Tagged: , barber-surgeon , orc barber-surgeon , orc… Read More

Planet of Warcraft || Blood Elf

To see a lot more Toys from my collection, check out the Plastic set in this article. Observe me on facebook and twitter! © 2011 Posted by David Flatter on 2012-01-seventeen 16:52:03 Tagged: , nikkor , nikon… Read More

For Nazjatar!

Undertaking 365 // Day 177 Woman Vashj is a naga born in the metropolis of Vashj’ir and was chief amongst Queen Azshara’s handmaidens. This figure is component of DC Direct’s Sequence 4 “Top quality” World of Warcraft sequence…. Read More

Vile Temptress

Challenge 365 // Working day 323 I have been collecting Warcraft themed action figures for numerous several years, and considering that I started my Challenge 365, I have been doing action figure photography with them. They have been… Read More