Warcraft 2 Soundtrack (Human 1)

Warcraft II Soundtrack (Human 1). This IS NOT video, this IS Only Audio from War II. Enjoy! 🙂 source

Dalaran Music – World of Warcraft Legion

The new music played in the Legion version of Dalaran. Composers: Neal Acree & Russell Brower. 00:00 Dalaran Dawn 04:39 Dalaran Dusk 11:07 Dalaran Halls 25:30 Dalaran Jaina 31:19 Dalaran Khadgar… source

Requiem in RGB | A Visual Video Essay

Exploring the dark side of color and music psychology. _______________________________________________ This video has no lucrative purpose. All rights belong to their respective owners. _______________________________________________ MUSIC: Requiem in D minor K.626 – W.A. Mozart – 3.Sequentia: V.”Confutatis”, I.”Dies Irae”… Read More

Warcraft II OST -01- Main menu


Warcraft II OST -05- Human 4


Warcraft II – Main Theme Re-Orchestrated

I LOVE this game. and I love this music. Made with EWQLSO. source

Warcraft 2 Soundtrack (Orc 2)

Warcraft II Soundtrack (Orc 2). This IS NOT video, this IS Only Audio from War II. Enjoy! 🙂 source

Warcraft 2 Soundtrack – Human 02

From the Tides of Darkness / Beyond the Dark Portal. source

Winter Veil Christmas Music – World of Warcraft Legion

The music played at the Winter Veil festivities in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. 00:00 Eternal Holly Brew 12:58 Winter Holiday Composers: Shelly & Edo Guidotti. Follow me on Social Medias: … source

01 – Warcraft 2 – Primary Theme

Songs from the video clip match Warcraft 2 from 1995, by Blizzard New music by Glenn Stafford ————————————————————————————————- Musique… resource