Warcraft 2 Soundtrack (Human 1)

Warcraft II Soundtrack (Human 1). This IS NOT video, this IS Only Audio from War II. Enjoy! 🙂 source

Warcraft Movie: Lore/Story Companion

Since people have been asking for something on the Warcraft Movie, here it is! This is a very short compendium to refresh old fans on the lore and introduce new fans to the back story of the Warcraft… Read More

Warcraft II OST -01- Main menu


Warcraft II OST -05- Human 4


Alliance Male Casting Animations

A video showing all of the Alliance male casting animations. source

Focus (ORC) vs Chaemiko (HU) – G1 – WarCraft 3 – WC####

WarCraft 3 – The Frozen Th rone Orc vs Human I finally made twitch affiliate! If you have amazon prime and have not used your free sub, please consider subbing here: www.twitch.tv/CrotaSC … source

Warcraft 2 Soundtrack – Human 02

From the Tides of Darkness / Beyond the Dark Portal. source

Human Priest

Foreshortening has made me its bitch once again. Posted by taekwondogirl on 2008-01-28 05:38:01 Tagged: , World of Warcraft , WoW , priest , human , cast , spell , tabard

Warcraft Spoiler Free of charge Motion picture Evaluation

A evaluation of the Warcraft motion picture, by both equally a admirer of the game and movies. I tried out to preserve it as objective as feasible! Shameless Social Media Shilling: supply

Warcraft II | Intro, Scénarios, Cinématiques [FR]

Info importante : la model Battle Web ajoute des cinématiques à l’extension, elles ne sont pas présentes ici. Sommaire : 00:00 – Warcraft II : Introduction — Campagne Humaine… supply