Phase 20 – Casting Heals overlap raid body

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Resto Druid Person Interface

Noticeable Addons: Satrina Buff Frames Skada injury meter Pitbull4 Unit Frames Dominoes (motion bars) OmniCC (puts countdown on buttons) Tidy Plates with Threat Plates PowerAuras Traditional HotCandy Quartz Forged Bar ForteExorcist (cooldown bar) Vuhdo (raid frames) Chinchilla (minimap… Read More

27/365 Priest

This is another element of my controlled lights ultimate. Powers and talents as a result of Tv set displays, Videos, or online video game titles. This one is from Planet of Warcraft (which I perform on and off)… Read More

Resurrection *10 sec cast*

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WoW Legion Beta Raid “Nythendra” LFR Wing one “Emerald Nightmare” Blood DK LvL a hundred and ten Tank PoV For higher Resolution WoW Legion Beta Raid Instanz “Der Smaragdgrüne Alptraum” Schwierigkeit LFR one. Flügel “Dunkelstamm” Bosskill Nythendra, Blut Todesritter LvL a hundred and ten Tank PoV Gegenstandsstufe 825 Equipment Scale Up Charakterkopie vom Dwell Server Skada… Read More