Lore Changes for the Warcraft Movie – [Lore]

The Warcraftoffers the story of Warcraft, but with a fair few changes and twists. Its been confirmed that theis doing its own thing, its own reality but for some those changes are a bit confusing. A lot of… Read More

Funko Pop! 2016 Warcraft Movie DUROTAN, ORGRIM, LOTHAR Collectible Figure Toy Review

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WoW: Lore of Warcraft II – Rise of the Horde

I present you a short story of creation the first Horde – Horde of Orgrim Doomhammer, Grom Hellscream, Zul’jin, Kargath Bladefist and others. Cast: Medivh – Guardian of Tirisfal 0:16 Garona… source

[Warcraft Movie] Lore of the Film: Lothar

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Warcraft Motion picture Review **Spoilers**

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Warcraft OST – The Horde (Movie Intro Topic)

Artist: Ramin Djawadi Keep track of: The Horde Album: Warcraft 2016 Movie Soundtrack This songs/picture is not created by me, i am not the authentic creator and i have no legal rights more than this content material. supply

Warcraft: The Commencing – Alliance Trailer #2 [Fan made]

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[Warcraft Movie] Lore of the Film: Gul’Dan

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Варкрафт 2. Что будет в продолжении? Сюжетная линия Тралла (Го’эль).

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Warcraft Film – Major 5 Times Stated & Lore Variations plus Idea[SPOILERS]

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