Day 10 of 365 – The Dwarven District

With the construction of the Deeprun Tram, the King of Stormwind allowed an established Dwarven community in the Human Capital. Many get and intresting things in The Dwarven District. Posted by photowalker_1983 on 2009-07-25 04:08:34 Tagged: ,… Read More

The Burning Crusade

Undertaking 365 // Day 148 Modern 365 entry is committed to a show my wife and I just began watching – Mad Males. I at first watched this exhibit a long time in the past, when Misplaced was… Read More

Stealth Assassin

Challenge 365 // Day 197 Skeeve Sorrowblade is an Undead Rogue, fiercely wielding dual poisoned daggers. Rogues are quite possibly 1 of the most controversial classes in Warcraft, because of to their stealth skill (and so a perfect… Read More

2nd of February in the year 2007

Lazy working day 1! I spent the working day just watching motion pictures and actively playing Environment of Warcraft. Posted by NuGeek on 2007-02-06 17:07:41 Tagged: , Job , 365 , Miami

The Stonecore

Undertaking 365 // Day 308 Today was the start of a good, extensive 4-working day Labor Day weekend. I was sick yesterday, and I didn’t truly feel so terrific these days, so it was a little bit of… Read More

27/365 Priest

This is another element of my controlled lights ultimate. Powers and talents as a result of Tv set displays, Videos, or online video game titles. This one is from Planet of Warcraft (which I perform on and off)… Read More

Planet of Warcraft || Blood Elf

To see a lot more Toys from my collection, check out the Plastic set in this article. Observe me on facebook and twitter! © 2011 Posted by David Flatter on 2012-01-seventeen 16:52:03 Tagged: , nikkor , nikon… Read More

For Nazjatar!

Undertaking 365 // Day 177 Woman Vashj is a naga born in the metropolis of Vashj’ir and was chief amongst Queen Azshara’s handmaidens. This figure is component of DC Direct’s Sequence 4 “Top quality” World of Warcraft sequence…. Read More

365-145 Fighting above trees

Or if you participate in Globe of Warcraft, you figure out Elves vs Orcs and Warsong Gulch. Heh. I realized I was creating the logging truck at the exact same time the kiddo was creating the Elven tree… Read More

Vile Temptress

Challenge 365 // Working day 323 I have been collecting Warcraft themed action figures for numerous several years, and considering that I started my Challenge 365, I have been doing action figure photography with them. They have been… Read More