Raiders Guide – The World of Warcraft Raiding Guide

Discover why so many people are incapable of raiding, why most raiders fail, and find out how to: -Make your computer “raid able” -Find the best raid team -Raid lead like the best -Become the part of the 2% club

It is not a secret, we all know that raiding is an awesome end game experience whether your goal is to get gear, earn achievements, or just use as bragging rights. Ironically, only a very small number of players in World of Warcraft are capable of raiding.

But today, things are about to change… Just keep on reading to find out how to avoid the same mistakes I’ve made in the past!

Every serious player knows that having a plan is the most important part of clearing end game content.

Lets face it, even if you are the best player in the world, heroic raid bosses won’t die by themselves. Having the right raid team, following a plan, and working as a team is the best way to get fat loots and earn the respect of your fellow players.

It’s not long before we are disappointed with the people we raid with. Whether its a lack of communication, poor leadership, or people just not showing up on time. Nothing could match the satisfaction of playing with people who want the same things that you do.

Some people enjoy showing up to raid and goofing around in voice chat or learning the bosses as you go. Others, like to prepared, on time, and efficient as possible. That’s why its so very important to find the raid team that works for you!

#3 You think that you are incapable of raiding, and you don’t feel confident and comfortable enough to join a good raid team

#4 You…

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