MRW my hunter friend pulls the boss early and redirects on me

MRW my hunter friend pulls the boss early and redirects on me

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20 Comments on “MRW my hunter friend pulls the boss early and redirects on me

  1. See I finished that quest after I dated a girl who was into Wow. She left me for someone who was into Rift.

  2. Rogues did this so much with tricks they changed it lol (it used to give like a 10% damage bonus).

    If you give dps a choice between more dps and almost dying they will always choose more dps.

  3. I remember when MD was first introduced and you would MD to annoying people in dungeons to kill them while drinking. Good times.

  4. Haven’t played since Mists, but I hated when I clicked the wrong Druid/Paladin and Misdirected to the healer on a pull, with a macro whisper, ugh. >.>

  5. True betrayal is when you get kicked for pulling the boss early as a healer after healing the true culprit.

  6. I had someone Tricks of the Trade me during a world boss… on my Rogue. Like hey, man, wtf do you think I’m gonna do with this agro?

  7. Back in BC, I’d MD trash to my buddy before raids started because he’d always get inside early and then AFK.

  8. When Misdirection was added I’d stand in Org on top of the old bank, click At War with Cenarion Circle in the reputation tab, add a random noob or gold begger to my group, miss direct them, then shoot the Cenarion circle tauren beside the flight tower.

    He’d run over to the low level and kill him.

    You’d get a temp ban for that stuff these days.

  9. My old guild used to do this in Kara to a guy who had a tendency to get shitfaced & pass out right as we got to Prince. We’d back out, let the hunter Misdirect pull Prince to him, and then boot him from the group. You’d think that several thousand gold in repair bills over the course of a few months would’ve convinced him to go easy on the sauce, but nope.

  10. During ICC progression, we had a mage that would drop his table JUST on the other side of the mist traps, to where you’d go to grab some food and the traps would go off and kill you.

    We had three hunters (25 man), and once we’d cleared trash and gotten to Professor P, it was determined that the mage required chastisement.

    Imagine Jean’s (DK tonk) surprise when Professor Putricide sprinted past him and smacked Mr. Mage in the face.

  11. I dont tolerate that shit. Ill give people 3 warnings about pulling, after that im done tanking.

  12. In a stupid pug while levelling I pulled boss and some adds with explosive shot plus misdirection. Feign death and bb. Dont mess with me haha

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