Military of the light racial range

When I very first achieved Lothraxion as element of the pally campaign and listened to we have been likely to Argus to fulfill up with the Military of the Gentle, I was pumped to see other races as element of this faction.

Proper me if I’m improper, but doesn’t Lothraxion say that the military is built up of basically resistance fighters from all the worlds that the Legion had conquered? Just like he is a non-fel nathrezim, I was hoping to see non-fel variations of other demons also imps, felguards, shivarra, and many others.

Rather it is solely draenei (each types), in addition 1 human, 1 substantial elf, and 1 dreadlord. This would’ve been a great chance for some neat new NPC styles, and perhaps playable races!

I indicate, consider an imp which is standing straight and putting on some of that swag lightforged armor. would be really great. /sigh

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  1. To top it off, there is literally no class presentation on Vindicaar other than 4 random NPCs of your current character’s class standing next to a mission table. After fanning the idea of class unity, ‘concordance’ and all that so much, we haven’t had anything like this since Deliverance Point. At the same time daddy Illidan gets his own Illidari camp in Antoran Wastes.

  2. I thought that there was a distinction between “demonized” races and demons literally from the twisting nether. There were demons before Sargeras showed up.

    My guess is that there were always some naturally occuring demons, or the corruption of those races happened so long ago it’s lost to time.

    Then there’s Voidwalkers, which are another whole can of worms.

  3. >made up of basically resistance fighters from all the worlds that the Legion had conquered

    Guess the Legion didn’t conquer that many planets then…

  4. I completely agree that this was a missed opportunity. The “vision” Xe’ra give Illidan in “Illidan” (The novel) pretty much describes the same scene as Lothraxion as well, with Illidian glowing brightly and leading the races of the Army of Light to victory.

    Kinda bummed to see how little they did to capitalize on this AWESOME opportunity to let the artists/modelers have a ton of freedom in character creation, even if it was just for a few one-off characters.

    The art team did an amazing job with Argus overall, and maybe that’s why they didn’t have time for cool extra-race-side-projects, but still, I feel like there isn’t going to be a better timed opportunity to show off what other races in the universe could have been. I mean, in MoP we got Jinyu, Hozen, Mantid, Mogu, and the Sha (to an extent). This expansion we got……Eredar/Draenei. Lots and lots of Eredar/Draenei.

  5. Iirc, the reputation tab says that the Army of the Light is made out of the fittest of draenei that stayed back on Argus and were blessed by X’era and became lightforged

  6. Though only a wild theory, Ive seen a few people pass around the idea that some of the NPCs we see are the literal “remains” of other worlds/races…

    We have a few army of the light NPCs that are titled the “lightsworn”.. then we have a whole lot of them that are the “lightforged”. The theory is that the broken remains of other species were re-“forged” by X’era in the image she felt most appropriate.

    But more likely just a case of Blizzard not investing funds and time into making that many custom additions.

  7. Which is funny, because Lothraxion is not non-fel being. Nathrezims are not corrupted by fel, so ironically, he is actually corrupted by light.

    How ironic that is, that we have no issues corrupting others and using them, if that benefit our point of view

  8. Agreed, the Army of the Light was so hyped up as well. I mean it’s still cool and all but it could’ve been so much more.

    Also having their spaceship crash in the introduction cutscene was questionable at best.

  9. They should have gathered all of the art team in a room and said “go crazy” to come up with unique races. But I have a feeling animating the models of these one off races we will never see again wasn’t on their time table.

  10. Imps are the demon version of the Grell according to the one that rides around on your shoulder, I can’t remember his name. They originally came from Azeroth but were taken away by the Legion during the first invasion. Succubi are supposedly the offspring of Dreadlords and Humonoids (Elves, Humans).

  11. While your over there wanting another short race, I’ll be over here with what I guess is horn envy.

    I mean, come on man… they even *glow!*

  12. It had been on my mind lately as well. I eventually chalked it up to Things Went Badly, based on how early on Xe’ra said the Army was teetering and later we only got to see the lonely ship Xenedar.

  13. I read a theory that Xe’ra turned them into lightforged draenei because she thought they were superior. The fact they have ‘forged’ in their name also makes me think

  14. Imp.. Standing straight.. This has got to be a meme, right? Do people want every god damn non-‘normal’ biped creature to walk upright? This aint FFXIV, they’re not all meant to be humans.

    That aside, the fact they re-recorded all their greetings in a new tone to imply dialect is either very nice or incredibly annoying. Why would a people only living amongst itself change dialect?

    Imagine your parents taking you from A to B but inside an A colony. You wouldn’t start pronouncing things oddly.

  15. Do you have an FUCKING idea how hard it is to slide a slider from green to yellow?! Do you even understand the complexities of sliding Red from 0 to the same value Green is at?

  16. Making models is no quick task even when based on another skeleton and making a bunch of one off models for a patch would have taken away from development time on other things for the artists (each skybox alone took the one artist a month each). In some cases the new models are probably meant for the next expansion (the kinda unfinished Mana Ray for example being [Couatl]( Honestly I’d rather the next expansion be further complete and their artists finish things like updated worgen and goblin models.

  17. Argus was not the only world attacked if I recall.

    Most likely those other races are battling for their own planets before worrying about others.

  18. Add to that we do all these invasion points where we go to worlds that the legion is currently invading and squash them before they conquer them.

    What do we see when we get there? No wildlife, no civilizations. Just trees and demons. Glad we could save all the forests of the universe…

  19. We’ve formed a diverse army of the survivors of the legion’s assaults. Look we have this human and elf and holy dreadlord and draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei draenei

  20. I am not a lore nerd, so can anyone explain to me how is the army of light related with to the sons of Lothar ?
    And if the two are related, how the sons of Lothar left the outland to join the army of light on argus?

  21. Daddy Sargeras didn’t just go straight Borg on the universe. Only the strongest were used for his armies. Everyone else just died. I could just be talking out of my ass but this is what I just assumed.

    For example, theres no way he’s gonna come to our Earth and fel corrupt neanderthals or monkeys. Although an army of fel corrupted chimps would be one scary thing. Dawn of the Plant of the Plant of Fel Apes…

  22. A lot of demons weren’t turned into gel creatures. That’s how they were created. Demons existed before Sargeras started his crusade. I wanted to see toranaar survivors and shot though.

  23. I agree, it would’ve been awesome. On the other hand, I have to assume making custom models must be a lot of work for them when you consider how long it took for them to update Gallywix to finally look like he’s supposed to. Don’t even get me started on poor Rexxar, either.

  24. Is it just me or does Lothraxion’s yellow glow actually make you slightly suspcious of him? It’s like he’s going out of his way to convince you he’s “totally not a demon anymore”…

    Edit: it would have been more fun if they had made him a double agent, where he works for the army of the light but upholds a position in the legion for surveillance purposes.

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