Biker Vlad by Gino Whitehall

Biker Vlad depicts a vampiric midnight trip by way of the desert. Vlad can take a split to consult with his skeletal pal. Who is his bodyless buddy? Maybe the past proprietor of Crimson, his trusty bike.

Gino Whitehall is a concept artist in the video clip game sector. At the age of 5, he turned obsessed with drawing X-Gentlemen. This obsession ultimately guide him to Artwork Centre College of Design, Blizzard Entertainment and now cell gaming. He is been fortunate to be associated in intellectual homes this sort of as Globe of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Activity of Thrones, ShadowRun, and War of Nations. When he’s not performing on the hottest game, you can find him rocking out to significant metal or drawing in his sketchbooks close to San Francisco.

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